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"Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled, by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? if you prick us do we not bleed? if you tickle us do we not laugh? if you poison us do we not die?"

—"The Merchant of Venice."

"FOR 19 centuries, the Jew has been hunted and persecuted by alleged Christians (writes Tom Johnston is Glasgow "Forward"). When the Emperor Titus destroyed Jerusalem (A.D. 72) and made of the temple a heap of ruins, "God's "peculiar people" scattered themselves throughout Europe. In every land where they sojourned, some of them amassed wealth; often thereafter having that wealth forcibly stolen from them, and counting themselves lucky when they were allowed to die in their beds.
Not only was the Jew a great trader and merchant and banker, but he was a great physician, and by applying experience and science to the cure of disease, as against the incantations of the ecclesiastics, he earned for himself the enmity of all the learned practitioners in the production of dry weather by prayer, and who made a living by the discovery of witches and sooterkins.

In Germany.

In Germany for centuries the Jews had a particularly thin time of it. If a Jew trader there amassed money, heaven help him when the local baron got to hear of it,for it was no trouble at all in the middle ages to start a story that a murdered Christian child had been found in the house of a wealthy Jew.

A human sacrifice! Away with the scoundrel to the gallows-hill, and hand over his money to the baron.

When the baron and the ecclesiastics were thus united, things usually looked bad for the Jew, but occasionally he and his family might be spared from the flames or the rope if he surrendered his shekels in time to the baron, and promised to keep earning more for him In the future.

Blamed For Plague.

During the XIV. Century, when Europe was decimated by a plague, the Jews in Germany were blamed for its causation, and at Basle numbers of them were publicly burned, their children being spared, so that they might be educated as good Christians. This was understood to be particularly gratifying to the angels.
 A great game was to issue a decree that the interest upon all debts due to Jews was cancelled. That was certainly done in Louis VIII.'s time in France. And in the reign of the same Christian King, no punishment was inflicted upon any Christian who killed a Jew.

In Britain.

In Britain, after the Norman Conquest, says the "Encyclopaedia Britannica," William II. found the Jews so profitably taxable a community that he refused to allow them to be converted to the Christian faith. And in the time of the good King John one method of raising taxation for the King was to take out a rich Jew from the town of Bristol and pull a tooth from his jaws every day until he paid up 10,000 marks as ransom for his remaining molars.

Henry III. sold to his brother all the Jews in England for 6000 marks,with full power over their person and property.

The "Protocols Of Zion."

Among civilised and semi-civilised peoples the cult of anti-Semitism has rather gone out of fashion in recent times. In America, for example, it is somewhat difficult to palm off all usury upon the Jewish bankers and financiers, so long as Rockefeller and Morgan are notorious Gentiles. But 10 years ago, the "Dearborn Independent" was seeking to raise a storm over the alleged Protocols, or world programme of some anonymous group of international Jews held at Basle about 1896 or thereabouts (if ever). These Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion were first published in Russia about 1905, by an anti-Semite called Professor Nilus. Where he got them from is not known.
Briefly, these Protocols are resolutions for racial domination of the world by the Jews (using inter alia Bolshevism as a weapon), but they seem to have fallen flat in this country, no one apparently giving them the slightest credence except a stray journalist on the staff of the "Morning Post" and a group called "The Britons," whose spiritual leadership, doubtless, Sir Oswald Mosley has now fallen heir.

Too Silly For Words.

The thing is too silly for words, Trotsky might be a Jew, but certainly Lenin was not. And it is surely manifestly absurd to ascribe the origins of the late war to Jewry. Whatever other form of wickedness International Finance may stand for, it does not stand for war. Certain categories of industrial capitalists may gain by war; but the moneylender, usually is strenuously opposed.

Yet it is this Protocol trash that Hitler has raved from Hamburg to the Polish Corridor.

The first Republican Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Germany was, he shouts, Haase, a Jew, Schiffer, a Jew, the first Minister of Finance. Ballin, the great shipowner. Rathenau, the chief man in industrial finance, Gwinner of the banks—all Jews! Germany is in poverty for no other reason than that the Jews have been in control; they sold the Nordics to International Finance, hence the beer is thin and there is dead dog in the sausage!

It is much too early yet to say that the International boycott by the Jews of German goods has beaten Daft Adolph. But as a test in the organisation of International economic pressure upon a nation or a Government gone berserk, the boycott has been magnificent.

Daily Standard (Brisbane, Qld. : 1912 - 1936), Saturday 27 May 1933, page 6

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