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The "anti-aesthetical" anti-hygienic, anti-ethical handshake, with democratic associations, "has had its day," and must go.
 So says a Lombardy newspaper, and the principal organ of Fascism (whose editor is generally held to voice the sentiments of his brother Mussolini) expresses hearty concurrence.
 "One thing should distinguish the people of Mussolini at home and abroad — the Fascist Roman salute."
 The gripping of hands, being a token of recognition between freemasons, is intolerable. Its use in modern Europe "is equivalent to the nose-rubbing of Red-skins." But the Roman salute (upward and outward extension of the right arm) avoids "unjustified physical contacts."


 Sad to say, Fascists and Civil servants in accordance with orders, greet friends or superiors in the Roman fashion, and then, forgetting themselves, follow up with a handshake. When all Italians adopt the Roman salute, without having it enjoined on them by public notices, then Fascism "will have accomplished its spiritual revolution and will have evolved the most powerful, compact and disciplined people in the old or new world."
 Meantime, pending this "revolution," it may be that the familiar notices in offices and schools to "salute Romanly" will be supplemented by others to the effect that "handshaking is forbidden."

Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1926 - 1954), Sunday 5 February 1928, page 16

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