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There are many points in recent German domestic policy which must be considered in the light of history before we can pass judgment on them. We cordially accept the proposition that no person should be penalised because he is a Jew. But we also hold that no anarchist or oppressor should be excused simply because he happens to be a Jew. There are solid reasons for believing that the alleged persecution in Germany has been grossly exaggerated and misrepresented. So say the president of the Central Council of German Jewish citizens, and the American Ambassador at Berlin (not reported in the Australian cables). It is well known that the world's newspaper press is dominated by Jews. The three greatest news-collecting agencies — Reuters, Wolffs and Havas — are owned by Jews. They were described by William Liebknecht as the invisible orchestra which strikes the same note in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Sydney and New York. The example of their perfect unanimity was shown in the Dreyfus affair and the Ferrer case. Jews control the big journals in the great metropolitan centres of Europe and America. Where they do not own papers, Rothschild or Mendelssohn money is often behind them.
 The action of Cardinal Schulte, Archbishop of Cologne, and the German Catholic Hierarchy, confirms our opinion that the Jewish press campaign is grossly exaggerated. They lifted the ban which prevented Catholics from joining the "Nazis," which they certainly would not have done if any section of the people were persecuted on account of their religion. In addition, the Lenten Pastoral of Bishop Gfollner, of Upper Austria, quoted in the London "Universe" of March 23, refers in the following terms to certain types of Jews, very numerous in Central Europe:
 Different from the Jewish nationality and Jewish religion is the international Jewish world spirit. No doubt many ungodly Jews exercise a ruinous influence on almost all fields of modern cultural life. Commerce and trade, business and competition, the legal and medical professions, revolutionary social and political changes are frequently penetrated and decayed by materialistic and liberal principles having their origin with Jews. The press and advertisements, the theatre and cinema are often filled with frivolous and cynical tendencies which poison the Christian soul of the people to the very heart, and, with equal frequency, are nourished and propagated by Jews. Depraved Jewry, in alliance with international Freemasonry, is also the main support of mammonistic capitalism and chiefly the founder and apostle of Socialism and Communism, the forerunners and pace-makers of Bolshevism.
 The Bishop declares that it is the conscientious duty of every good citizen to break that ruinous influence.
 No deep acquaintance with history is required to understand the Bishop's allusion. There is ample evidence that many Jews have forgotten their religion, and have become leaders of ungodly revolution. When Karl (Mordecai) Marx launched the First Communist International, at St. Martin's Hall, London, in 1864, his associates were Engels, Lassalle, Bebel and Singer (Germany); Neumayer, Victor Adler and Aaron Liebermann (Austria) ; Fribourg, Frankel and Haltmauer (France); De Leon and Kahn (U.S.A.). These leaders were all of the Jewish race, though most of them had become atheists. Their agents were busy in the Paris Commune of 1871. The "Cambridge Modern History" states that per sons of Jewish descent played an unexpected part in spreading Nihilism, as Czar Alexander II. was much more tolerant towards them than his predecessors. L'Olper, a Jew, was the counsellor of Mazzini, the anarchist; Isaac Artom was the secretary of Cavour, the arch anti-clerical. Nathan, the Anglo-Jew, who became Mayor of Rome, was a notorious Pope-baiter. Daniel De Leon, Marx's friend, founded the I.W.W. in America, and with the Jews, Hillquit and Berger, became the preceptors of the Jew Trotsky and Lenin, when they were exiles in New York. Bela Kuhn (Cohen), the notorious Hungarian tyrant of 1919, headed a Jewish Cabinet, which perpetrated atrocities ten times worse than those of Germany to-day.
 The rapid growth of Communism naturally alarmed intelligent Germans. They remembered the abortive insurrections of 1918 and 1920, if the British press and politicians conveniently forgot them. The Jews were busy then. In 1918, the faction then known as Independent Socialists, under its Jewish leaders, Dr. Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg and Daunig, adopted Soviet models. One of the leaders, Cohn, admitted receiving 12½ million roubles from Russia to foment rebellion. Two months' sanguinary fighting were required to suppress the movement, which ended when Liebknecht and Luxembourg were shot. After the establishment of the Republic, Independent Socialists, under the Jewish leaders, Dr. Levi and Klara Zetkin, joined the Red Internationale, and began a rebellion in Central Germany. Many lives were lost before it was suppressed. Levi was deposed; Zetkin figured prominently when, as Red Klara, she was made a vice-president of the 1932 Reichstag and delivered a fiery address. Nor can it be overlooked that leading German statesmen as well as "Nazis" have been assassinated within the last two years. Rathenau was an outstanding example. The new Government might very well realise that these insurrectionists, who, if tolerated, would attract millions of mischievous people to their cave of Adullam, must be suppressed by force, to preserve constitutional Government. If there are many Jews among them so much the worse for these Jews.
 Bishop Gfollner's allusion to the alliance of Jews and Freemasonry is well known to students of European history. Many years ago Disraeli, who ought to know, said, "Nearly all the secret societies have a Jew at their head." He also pointed out, in "Coningsby," that it was the Jews who, behind the scenes, pulled the strings of international intrigue and revolution. The founders of esoteric, or speculative, Freemasonry, the arch-foe of Christianity, were the Jews, Weishaupt, Pasqualis and Cagliostro. The kindly gentlemen in dinner jackets, who sing with gusto, "The More We are Together," and thrill at the sublimated punk about Hiram, Solomon's Temple, and the Brotherhood of Man, which passes for philosophy in innocent Australian Masonic circles, never dream that it was concocted by such a Jewish adventurer as Cagliostro. The worst harm their Masonry does is to pack the Civil Service and the offices of Joint Stock Companies with officials whose chief qualification is their Masonic membership. But in Europe Grand Orient Freemasonry is very different, so much so, that British Freemasons affect to ignore it. Leroy Beaulieu, a French Jew, whose literary reputation is world-wide, said that the "aims and ideals of the Jews are practically identical with international Freemasonry." The "Jewish Encyclopaedia" admits that "Jews have been most conspicuous in Freemasonry since the French Revolution." They make it a kind of Theosophic religion, and while they stand for internationalism, they reject toleration. Much of Mussolini's unpopularity in the Jewish-controlled press arose when he suppressed Masonry. But though of the Jewish race, most of these miscreants are not Jews. They are renegades, like those Catholics who neglect the practice of their religion, but yell for Catholic help when they lose their jobs through incompetence, though they protest that the cause was intolerance. As Bishop Gfollner says, Jewish Freemasonry is the main support of mammonistic Capitalism. There may have been exaggeration in the assertion that rivalry between the great Jewish financiers of London, Paris, Berlin and New York had much to do with the outbreak of war in 1914. But there is no doubt that the Rothschilds, Mendelssohns, Kahns and their satellites fanned the flames. The creation of the American Federal Reserve Bank was said to be a potent factor in this campaign. The Jews were behind the great financial scandals of last century, Humbert, Lesseps, Cornelius Herz, and Dreyfus. This pernicious influence led reasonable men like Chesterton, Belloc, and Henry Ford to resist Jewish financial domination. Ford ceased when he found it difficult to control selfish followers. That may be the experience of Germany. The victims of Jewish middlemen, labour sweaters and money lenders take advantage of civil trouble to wreak private vengeance. But the propaganda pointing to attacks on learning and culture is hypocritical. The books and papers destroyed were not the fruit of scholarship, but of decadence. And if Einstein was a great mathematician, he was also an aggressive leader of the International War Resisters' League, a body with a suggestively Bolshevik title.

Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), Thursday 18 May 1933, page 24

[This poisonous apology (after the book-burning) is quoted verbatim]

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