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The "Loyalty League" of New Zealand has forwarded to us a pamphlet entitled "The Red Menace. An Exposure of the so-called 'Labor Party.' "

It goes back to the early Christian era and tells of bad boys' societies called the "Karmathites" and the "Assassins." Then later came the "Ismailites," the "Insinuating Brothers" "Weishaupt" and the "Illuminati" and the "Knight Templars." Out of the "Illuminati" arose the "Communists", and "Internationalism devised by Weishaupt, interpreted by Clootz, and, carried out by Marx and Lenin." The pamphlet concludes: "It is essential that the workers and members of unions should know the whole truth."

So, to divert their attention from wage-reductions and longer working hours, the workers must be told bed-time stories of the Karmathites, the Assassins, the Ismailites, the Illuminati, the Insinuating Brothers, the Goblins, and the Bogey Man.

The pamphlet was duly interred without honors, in the w.p.b.

Daily Standard (Brisbane, Qld. : 1912 - 1936), Saturday 24 October 1925, page 8

[Almost a hundred years of this paranoia keeps coming.]

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