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DEAR SIRS,—The following remarks in one of Col. Ingersoll's recent lectures so admirably express sentiments respecting the system which so ably exposed in the columns of the Standard that I shall be glad if can find space for them. He says :—
 " That Church is the only one that keeps up a constant communication with heaven through the instrumentality of a large number of decayed Saints. The Church is an agent of God on earth That Church has a person who stands in the place of Deity ; and that Church according to their doctrine, is infallible. That Church has persecuted to the exact extent of her power— and always will. In Spirit that Church stands erect, and that Church is arrogant. In the United States that Church crawls; but the object in both countries is the same and that is the destruction of intellectual liberty. That Church teaches us that we can make God happy by being miserable ourselves. That Church teaches you that a nun is holier in the sight of God than a loving mother with a child in her thrilled and thrilling arms. That Church teach you that a priest is better than a father. That Church teaches you that celibacy is better than that passion of love that has made everything of beauty in this world. That Church tells the girl of sixteen or eighteen years of age, with eyes like dew and light ; that girl with the red of health in the white of her beautiful cheeks—tells that girl, Put on the veil, woven of death and night, kneel upon stones, and you will please God. I tell you that, by, law, no girl should be allowed to take the veil, and renounce the beauties of the world until she was at least 25 years of age. Wait until she knows what she wants. I am opposed to allowing these spider-like priests to weave webs to catch the flies of youth, and there ought to be a law appointing commissioners to visit such places twice a year, and release every person who expresses a wish to be released. I don't believe in keeping penitentiaries for God." And after defining the "Catholic Creed" the Col. says, "And in order to compel the human intellect to get upon its knees before that infinite absurdity, thousands and millions have suffered agonies, thousands and millions have perished in dungeons and in fire ; and if all the bones of all the victims of the Catholic Church could be gathered together, a monument higher than all the pyramids would rise in our presence, and the eyes even of the priests would be suffused with tears. That Church covered Europe with cathedrals and dungeons. That Church robbed men of the jewel of the soul. That Church had ignorance upon its knees. That Church went in partnership with tyrants of the throne, and between these two vultures, the altar and the throne, the heart of man was devoured. Of course I know, and cheerfully admit, that there are thousands of good Catholics but Catholicism is contrary to human liberty, Catholicism bases salvation upon belief. Catholicism teaches man to trample his reason under foot. And for that reason it is wrong."
 If Col. Ingersoll thinks the eyes of all (or most) of the Priests would "suffuse with tears" at the sight of that vast pile of human bones, I think he is a little mistaken. If he had said one priest in a thousand would be melted to tears, I think he would have been nearer the mark. I could never understand how any enlightened Government could allow Convents to exist with-out being inspected like, other institutions. The fact that the Priests are so against such inspection, speaks for itself. Having just read Maria Monk (for the first time) has not made me feel more kindly towards these vile Prison Houses. I am. Sir,

Yours truly.

17th December, LIBERTY.

31 Dec. 1881 The Protestant Standard

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