Thursday, 15 August 2013


The scepticism of materialistic science, that deifies the universe and deposes God, that holds to the absoluteness of averages and denies the sovereignty of Providence.
 This is its creed :—

      " I believe in fire and water,
And in Fate— Dame Nature's daughter ;
I believe in steam and rice
Not in virtue, nor in vice ;
In what strikes the outward sense—    
Not in mind nor providence ;        
In a stated course of crimes,  
In Macaulay and the Times.                  
As for truth, the ancients lost her.  
Plato was a great impostor,      
Morals are a vain illusion,      
Leading only to confusion ;
Let us study snakes and flies,    
And on fossils fix our eyes.    
I believe in all the gases          
As a means to raise the masses ;    
Carbon animates ambition,          
Oxygen controls volition ;    
Whate'er is great or good in men
May be traced to hydrogen ;      
And the body, not the soul,
Governs the unfathomed whole."      

The South Australian Advertiser 21 May 1872, 

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